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Eyes on the first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin

The first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin starting August 1st, will feature a different space with a surprise event (events will only appear in the calender a week or so before taking place) every day during this month. It´s pretty exciting to see festivals first editions and in this case, the innovative idea and the well organize and beautiful website will convince you to join then on at least one of the dates.

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Vagabund featured

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Vagabund Brauerei

Vagabund 3We finally got a chance last night to check out the Vagabund Brauerei. Wedding seems to be the place these days for micro breweries and as a result we’re getting a good education! Located just off Seestr on Antwerpenerstr it’s accessible from many directions.  OK, down the business, these guys know their beer, on tap on the night were 3 of their own brews; a smoky ale, an IPA, and a triple IPA. They also had an IPA and an Pils from other micro breweries. Continue reading


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Kaffee und Kuchen time in Lottinger´s

Normally I´m not a “meet for lunch” person, I prefer to relaxing dinners, drinking some wine, without worrying about wasting the rest of the afternoon. But sometimes it´s nice for a change and I found the perfect quiet café in Eulerstr to do so. It´s a small charming place in a little square between Bornholmerstr and Grünthalerstr.

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Studio Acht os

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Studio Acht – Sacred Realism #12

On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of attending a great concert in the bar/gallery Studio Acht (8). It was the first time I was at this bar and it won´t be the last. The concert by Derek Shirley was one of a series of concerts organised by the record label Sacred Realism. The series of concerts is a curated program with most performers falling into the echtzeitmusik genre. Continue reading


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I could not imagine anything better to have close to my house than a tapas bar! It opened in December in Prinzenallee but I didn´t discover it until I read this review in the blog Weddingweiser. It is a very nice place to stop by and have some Spanish wine and tasty appetisers. The bartender is very friendly and talkative and does all the cooking and service at the same time. There is wine for less than €2 a glass and small tapas for €1´30 and all of it tastes nice and authentic. We are definitely going back for more soon, also because if you go ten times, you win a bottle of wine :P

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