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Korea Haus

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Many people had told me already about this little Korean restaurant in Leopoldplatz. It is indeed a cute and authentic looking place to have a proper plate of Korean cuisine. We didn´t have any problems to get a seat (I had read that it could be busy at dinner time). The friendly waitress brought us a strange but tasty tea pot of broth that tasted like sunflower seeds and some appetizers. The food smelled so good and looked so tasty that I even forgot to take pictures of the plates before starting them.We shared Teriyaki duck, Teriyaki salmon and the Feuer Fleish. Everything was delicious. A word of warning though, I am not the kind of person that likes her food very spicy, I prefer it mild but full of flavour, and found the balance just right here.  If you are a chili-lover looking for a challenge, the Korea Haus probably won´t be your place. But as is typical in Berlin, you can always make a request to make it have a bit more kick! 

Korea Haus
Nazarethkirchstraße 45, 13345 Berlin


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