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Togo in the Pinzenallee: Relais de Savanne

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Relais de Savanne on Prinzenallee is not only a restaurant to taste traditional African food but also a meeting point for the African community in Wedding.  As such it’s the perfect spot to experience of small bit of African culture, specially African Music. They also cooperate with a money raising program for the funding of a hospital in the city of Dapaong in north Togo.

Apart from all this Relais de Savanne is a very nice and cosy place to stop by for dinner.  The space has a homely feel, on the way to the toilets you have to pass by what it seems like a small living room with a couple of sofas and a TV. We had some kind of pasty (Teigtaschen) filled with meat, peas and carrots. The salad on the side had a flavourful dressing that reminded us to something but we couldn´t figure out what.  The hot sauce had a nice punch and great depth of flavour: one of the highlights of the meal. For our main courses we had beef brochette with rice, and a huge fish with sweet potatoes.  Both dishes were nicely seasoned.  I haven’t that many chances in Berlin to experience African cuisine (the only other was at the amazing Ethiopian restaurant in Kreuzberg), but look forward to the next time. I always find it filling and full of powerful flavours. We paid around €15 each with starter and drinks.  A very tasty experience.

I´ll also add a video I found online so you can have a look inside and see the concerts they organize, the lady on the microphone was actually there where we went to the restaurant.

Relais de Savanne
Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin Wedding
Tel.: 030 31519364

One thought on “Togo in the Pinzenallee: Relais de Savanne

  1. I recommend the Guiness Foreign Extra Stout that you can get at Relais de Savanne.

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