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Art in Wedding 1 – Galerie Patrick Ebensperger


Galerie Patrick Ebensperger is hosting its first exhibition since moving to its new location: the old crematorium chapel, Plantagestrasse in Wedding. The space itself and the surroundings are imbued with quietness. The abandoned area of the crematorium (soon to be an art and cultural centre) and the adjacent graveyard give an interesting and sinister touch to this beautiful corner of Wedding. This moving environment makes even better the experience of meeting fine contemporary art.

The group exhibition shows works of fifteen international artists: three different levels of multimedia installations, sculptures, paints, drawings and video-art.

I was impressed by the sound installation of William Engelen, at the top of the chapel and separated by a wall, a long bench shows blank folded musical scores devoid of any notes, and accompanied by an audio soundtrack. A modest and clean metaphor about the time and space involved in the music composition. The music transcends the small room and moves on to the big hall as an almost unnoticed element that helps to hold together this part of the exhibition.

The basement of the gallery is divided a large space with smaller rooms off it. A huge contrast with the blinding white enormous space above. A child’s voice repeating some words from one of the video-art screens discomforts you while viewing the pieces and adds a peculiar tension to the space. Kei Takemura´s installation in one of the small rooms attracted my attention particularly. An old chest showing all kinds of objects delicately wrapped in transparent cloth. It transmitted some kind of nostalgia. The  idea of the installation (I read this afterwards) is to preserve objects that were broken by accident and give them a “second chance” turning them into pieces of art. A nice idea and a nice layout open to a multitude of interpretations. On the way out from the basement a simple but gorgeous oil painting on wood of a full moon, a work of Antje Majewski, will surprise you on the stairs and will lighten you up to enter again in the big hall.

The art shown in the exhibition is highly interesting, with impeccable curation and the location is a must see. So, run because you have just until the 16th to see it and keep and eye out for the new shows, a solo exhibition featuring the video-art of Børjn Melhus is already planned for the 28th November. We are definitely not going to miss it.

Galerie Patrick Ebensperger
Plantagenstrasse X (opposite nr 10)
13347 Berlin,


2 thoughts on “Art in Wedding 1 – Galerie Patrick Ebensperger

  1. I am impressed Patrick, I am looking forward to a visit some day… Benno

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