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Kugelbahn Bar – Bowling, music and art

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The Kugelbahn Bar is as they say on their website “at the dark end of the street”. As a matter of fact, you don´t find the Kugelbahn in trendy Malplaquetstr or near the Ufer Studios but adjoining Bornholmerstr at the end point of the harsh Soldiner Kiez. But every Kiez needs a StammKneipe and this one is very handy for us and it´s a really nice one.

As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’ cover”, and this is very true here.  The look of the exterior came as a bit of a surprise to us, but any doubts were but as ease on entering.  Beers are priced reasonably with a few to choose from.  The atmosphere is very friendly, we were joined at our table by some locals who came to chat for a bit.  We where obviously the new kids in town 🙂

Kugelbahn organizes art and music shows that are announced monthly on their webpage. The bar itself is cosy (sofas and fireplace do the job), and a great spot to go have a cheap beer with friends. But definitely the highlight is the bowling lanes in the basement. German bowling is not exactly like the American one, the lanes are narrower, the ball is smaller and has no holes to stick your fingers inside and there is lots of different and strange named games to play. It´s real fun!

It would also be worth also checking the open mic nights 🙂


Grüntalerstr. 51

Open daily from 18:00


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