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Pierogarnia: home-made Polish pierogis!

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A couple of weeks ago we finally got to go to the Pierogarnia, in Turiner str. A friend had recommended this cosy restaurant/café where one can taste real home-made Polish pierogi.

The idea of mixing some vegetables, meat and/or cheese and wrapping it in a little dough bag seems to be something that many cultures throughout history thought would be a good idea. Tortellini in Italy, empanada gallega in Northern Spain, German maultaschen, Japanish gyoza… each of them based on the same principle and each of them delicious! This East European cousin is no exception, and the ones from Pierogarnia are a great example of how tasty this Polish version can be.

They offer lentil pierogi (suitable for vegans), cheese and potato pierogi, and meat and sweet/dessert varieties. Our only wish was that you could order a plate with a combination of them so you could try them all at once 🙂 Also on the menu were some tasty sounding soups, we had the clear beetroot soup which was a nice appetizer. Food is freshly made, tasty, and quite filling. The place looks a bit like a living room, full of sofas and armchairs,  creating a warm homely feeling. Pierogarnia also organizes little concerts and events in its back room, follow them in Facebook to be updated.

Turiner Str. 21

13347, Berlin



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