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Studio Acht – Sacred Realism #12

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On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of attending a great concert in the bar/gallery Studio Acht (8). It was the first time I was at this bar and it won´t be the last. The concert by Derek Shirley was one of a series of concerts organised by the record label Sacred Realism. The series of concerts is a curated program with most performers falling into the echtzeitmusik genre.Before starting the artist informally described the work, which would be presented in quadraphonic sound, and explained that it was an improvised piece and due to its spatial nature he encouraged the audience to move around to gain different perspectives. Some did, some didn’t, but everyone there was very attentive, engaged, and silent. The performance lasted around 40 minutes and was for the most part a minimal piece along the lines of La Monte Young’s electronic drone pieces or some of Ryoji Ikeda’s more ambient work. Sine waves overlapped, intertwined, and modulated one other as the work gently evolved. As the volume was at a modest level and the audience quiet, noise from the street and beyond often contributed to the work. In particular the regular passing of airplanes overhead from nearby Tegel Airport seemed to be in concert on many occasions. Of course there was also laughing and shouting from the people sitting outside the bar next door, but this also seemed unintrusive (most of the time). Intentional or otherwise I felt it created an interesting Wedding soundscape.

Studio Acht smUnfortunately I missed many of the concerts in this series, but I am hoping there will be many more. The bar itself, apart from having a decent sound system also has a cosy space in the back where some concerts are held, others are in the front bar, as on this occasion. To top all that off they have a nice selection of cocktails and a couple of locally brewed beers including an IPA, nice 🙂

Studio Acht

Grüntaler Straße 8
13357 Wedding, Berlin
Opening times, Mon – Sun: 19:00 – 08:00


Author: Alan

Musician, Sound Artist

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