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Kaffee und Kuchen time in Lottinger´s

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Normally I´m not a “meet for lunch” person, I prefer to relaxing dinners, drinking some wine, without worrying about wasting the rest of the afternoon. But sometimes it´s nice for a change and I found the perfect quiet café in Eulerstr to do so. It´s a small charming place in a little square between Bornholmerstr and Grünthalerstr.

It must have been a pharmacy in a former life because it retains those big shelves with many little drawers. The shelves are full of china figurines, jewellery, hand painted post-cards, and all sort of pretty things. In fact, one can rent a shelf for €5 a week to sell stuff. That´s a smart idea to get original decoration! And of course a good opportunity for the neighbourhood crafts people to show their wares and earn a bit of extra cash. It has a hint of a Prenzlauerberguish atmosphere (some toys to keep the children busy) without the prices (ice cream scoops for €1, coffee for €1,80 and cake for €1,50). As well as serving the waitresses were busy in the kitchen baking cupcakes. Soup of the day was a tasty lentil & sausage soup (vegan option available) and the pictures they have in their Facebook page of the asparagus soup and other stews look tasty too. In conclusion, it was a most pleasant discovery and I´ll will be returning. Wedding is a big so it’s hard to work out sometimes but it keeps surprising me, in a  positive way.

Eulerstraße 9 a
13357 Wedding, Berlin


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