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Vagabund Brauerei

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Vagabund 3We finally got a chance last night to check out the Vagabund Brauerei. Wedding seems to be the place these days for micro breweries and as a result we’re getting a good education! Located just off Seestr on Antwerpenerstr it’s accessible from many directions.  OK, down the business, these guys know their beer, on tap on the night were 3 of their own brews; a smoky ale, an IPA, and a triple IPA. They also had an IPA and an Pils from other micro breweries.  We tried the smoky ale and the IPA. Both were amazing, crisp and a real depth of flavour that shows you how beer can and should taste! If that wasn’t enough they have a huge range of bottled beers from the US and Europe covering all the bases, beer heaven. Just in case, that also have a small number of choice whiskeys and wines on offer.  While the place itself is small it has a great (non-smoking) atmosphere, and really has a “local” feel to it.  Staff are friendly and happy to give advice and share their passion for all things beer.  Open from Tuesday to Saturday we highly recommend stopping by, we’ll probably be there 🙂

Vagabund Brauerei GmbH
Antwerpenerstr. 3
13353 Berlin – Germany

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 19:00 – ???


Author: Alan

Musician, Sound Artist

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