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Herr Bielig, what the Soldiner Kiez needed

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So many times I thought that it would be great to have a cosy place very near home to have coffee and cake in winter or to have an ice cream sitting on the street during summer. Like a month ago my wishes were heard and they open this pretty caffee in the Soldiner Kiez.

It´s great to see that there is an option in my kiez to the sports bars and ecke kneipes. The Soldiner Kiez is beautiful and has a lot of potential  and Herr Bielig is the perfect place where diferent generatios can meet and sozialize with each other; the kiez can definitely profit from this. And they have the greatest apfel strudel with vanilla ice cream.

That´s me having an orange ice cream 🙂

herbieme herrbie herrbie2 herrbie3 herrbie4


Herr Bielig
Soldiner Str.32
13359 Berlin


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