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Dichtung Fontanera, the unexpected craziness

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Made in Wedding is a small gallery in one of the less developed corners of Wedding. The intersection of the Soldinerstr and the Koloniestr is the heart of a Kiez with bad reputation and little signs of cultural development. Nevertheless, there is a couple of initiatives trying to set an artistic offer and give opportunities to the local artist to be shown. Sometimes the most original and free of conventionalities artists are to be found in the most unexpected places. The actual installation in this space is surprisingly genuine. Far from the mainstreamed Auguststr or the über hipsteria of the art scene in Kreuzberg/Neukölln: Dichtung Fontanera is definitely a breath of fresh air for the senses.

Esla Güe is a young artist from Mexico and this is her first exhibition in Berlin. She has been working on the topics of poetry, love, and the differences between reality and ideality. A very impressive and mature sculpture made by this artist specially called my attention: a heart shaped object made of chunks of metal lies on the floor joined to the ceiling by a chain that half way up splits into four. Each of this daughters chains are decorated with real used condoms hanging from hooks. Beautiful and disgusting.


Cabra is her partner in this endeavour. This artist from Argentina fabricated colorful pieces that he calls “coolers” which are the foundation for the sound installation room. The purpose of this room is to harass the viewer with high density of inputs: claustrophobic video art, the incessant clicking of the “coolers”, challenging collages and flashing lights. This contrasts with the calm and composure of the first room where every piece is restrained onto itself. A catalog of concepts that face its own farce while entering into the second room. It is quite funny that in between rooms, they set a piece that calls interaction: an installation that includes a microphone and a guitar. First observe, then they give you voice, then the voice gets shut up by the noise.

This were just some thoughts on a very recomendable exhibition. It´s still on until next Saturday, so if you are around have a look at it, it´s worth it.


Koloniestraße 120
13359 Berlin

Monday to friday from 10:00 to 20:00 h



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