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Wedding Markt in Nordufer

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After more that a year of break, the Wedding Markt came back in a new location, the shores of the Spree in Nordufer. A nice selection of art craft stalls and the possibility of chilling by the river. This market has the potential to rise as a competitor of the Maybachufer fleahmarket itself!

It was missing indeed a bit of food action. The hungry marketers were lining up in front of the only food stall, the home made strudels. It’s owner was with no doubt the most successful of the day. I hope that the avid business man and women of Wedding saw the opportunity and they will join the market next time with more delicious street food offer. This time we had to go home hungry. We got thought fantastic art books to incredible prices in the stall from Bildband. Food for the soul 🙂


20150503_140910 - copia


20150503_140920 - copia


20150503_140948 - copia




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