Wedding is not Neukölln

Exploring the wilderness


I want to start this blog telling how I ended up in Wedding.

My life in Berlin doesn´t start in Berlin. The first year I lived in this country I had my base camp in the neighbour Potsdam. Why on earth would I go there? Just because my University gave me the famous erasmus scholarship for this University and not for the Humboldt as I had requested. They gave Berlin to a guy with dreadlocks from a year over me. I hated him forever after this. Potsdam was fine because erasmus years are always fun no matter where you go. Even more living in a student residency former training camp of the Stasi for 130€ a month.

But erasmus over, I ran to Berlin ending up in the beautiful Bellevue, a weird mix of the clean Mitte, with the the family friendly environment of Prenzlauer Berg and dangerously close to the wild Moabit. Pretty altbau with view to the Siegesäule and the Fernsehturm, around 230 € the room. Although Bellevue is boring as hell and very bad connected, after Potsdam it was like heaven to me.

Knowing a little bit more of Berlin, my next stop was in Mehringdamm, just in the corner with the Kreuzbergstr, yes, that beautiful old building at the foot of the Victoria Park. 280 € for 2 rooms for myself. the german WG thing didn’t work so well for me so I had to flee from the dream house after a short period.

To my beloved, filthy and fun Neukölln. To the beautiful Emser Kiez. I have no words to explain how I liked it there. Sunbathing in Körnerpark, riding my bike to Tempelhof, seeing how the neighbourhood grew and nice bars and art galleries were appearing here and there. Enjoying my enormous room with own balcony for 280 a month.

After two years I had to leave the WG sadly and I moved to the first apartment where I actually had my name in the contract. To the center of the center: to Schlesisches Tor. 360 € for a normal size room in a WG. Expensive as hell and not the most beautiful apartment in the world. But life was beautiful next to Görlitzer Park. Too many bars, hundreds of Thai restaurants, indian food, pizza, burguers, 3 millions of spätys, yoga bars, shitty bars, normal bars, Sofia bar and all of my friends living around to go to all this places with me and drink beer. A little too much going on for my taste and too many vacational hipster having lunch but still a great place.

But again I had to moved. This time the was the boyfriend´s fault. After months of looking for decents (just not a shit hole) apartments in Neukölln (forget Kreuzberg) and with our requirements (extra room for the boy to do his music / never in your dreams I´m paying a Provision, again) soon we had to widen the search to the unknown Wedding.

Remembering some people saying Wedding was cool, the new Neukölln, the old Kreuzberg, the place to be (but not actually knowing anyone who lived here) and enchanted by the size (and the prize) and the two balconies of the place, I ended up saying YES to Wedding.

So, if Wedding is going to be my home now, I better get busy discovering all its charms and secrets! Maybe with a little time I end up loving it as much as I did Neukölln.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, don’t get lazy!
    I always love to read your entries, but it’s been 6(!) weeks now…

    …or have you given up on Wedding?

  2. Your blog is awesome…please keep posting!

  3. Sounds a lot like my story. I’m about to move to Wedding (TBC), also a little anxious about being far from everyone I know, who all live in Neukolln and Kreuzberg. But the price difference is crazy, I’d be saving €300 a month! I look forward to reading more on your blog 🙂

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