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Exploring the wilderness

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Dichtung Fontanera, the unexpected craziness


Made in Wedding is a small gallery in one of the less developed corners of Wedding. The intersection of the Soldinerstr and the Koloniestr is the heart of a Kiez with bad reputation and little signs of cultural development. Nevertheless, there is a couple of initiatives trying to set an artistic offer and give opportunities to the local artist to be shown. Sometimes the most original and free of conventionalities artists are to be found in the most unexpected places. The actual installation in this space is surprisingly genuine. Far from the mainstreamed Auguststr or the über hipsteria of the art scene in Kreuzberg/Neukölln: Dichtung Fontanera is definitely a breath of fresh air for the senses.

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Eyes on the first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin

The first edition of the Project Space Festival Berlin starting August 1st, will feature a different space with a surprise event (events will only appear in the calender a week or so before taking place) every day during this month. It´s pretty exciting to see festivals first editions and in this case, the innovative idea and the well organize and beautiful website will convince you to join then on at least one of the dates.

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Second Hand shop in Prinzenallee

Lots of interesting stuff in this small but full second hand shop in the Prinzenallee. Worth getting in!

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On the way to Stattbad Wedding

Pictures of things that catch my eye when I´m walking around Wedding