Wedding is not Neukölln

Exploring the wilderness

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Vagabund Brauerei

Vagabund 3We finally got a chance last night to check out the Vagabund Brauerei. Wedding seems to be the place these days for micro breweries and as a result we’re getting a good education! Located just off Seestr on Antwerpenerstr it’s accessible from many directions.  OK, down the business, these guys know their beer, on tap on the night were 3 of their own brews; a smoky ale, an IPA, and a triple IPA. They also had an IPA and an Pils from other micro breweries. Continue reading

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Kugelbahn Bar – Bowling, music and art

The Kugelbahn Bar is as they say on their website “at the dark end of the street”. As a matter of fact, you don´t find the Kugelbahn in trendy Malplaquetstr or near the Ufer Studios but adjoining Bornholmerstr at the end point of the harsh Soldiner Kiez. But every Kiez needs a StammKneipe and this one is very handy for us and it´s a really nice one.

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