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Studio Acht – Sacred Realism #12

On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of attending a great concert in the bar/gallery Studio Acht (8). It was the first time I was at this bar and it won´t be the last. The concert by Derek Shirley was one of a series of concerts organised by the record label Sacred Realism. The series of concerts is a curated program with most performers falling into the echtzeitmusik genre. Continue reading

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Togo in the Pinzenallee: Relais de Savanne

Relais de Savanne on Prinzenallee is not only a restaurant to taste traditional African food but also a meeting point for the African community in Wedding.  As such it’s the perfect spot to experience of small bit of African culture, specially African Music. They also cooperate with a money raising program for the funding of a hospital in the city of Dapaong in north Togo. Continue reading

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Great ice cream in Afrikanisches Viertel

Saturday afternoon ice cream, it´s a classic.  I can´t say that I have a very sweet tooth, I usually prefer the salty stuff but ice cream of course is an exception. I was looking for a tasty looking place to have a proper ice cream and I found the Eiscafé Kibo. I hit the jackpot with this one.  Not very close to my place but definitely worth the walk.

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